Sunday, September 2, 2007

Photo paintings

Nothing earthshaking to report tonight. Just thought I'd upload one of my latest photo paintings. Certainly no bride wants a whole album full of these kinds of images, however, a painting like this can make for an attractive yet affordable canvas print painting. You can even use a photo painting like this as a transition image to lead from one part of your wedding album's story to the next.

In this case, this was a shot of the bride leaving her wedding which had just finished in the wine cellar at the Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California. I followed her up the narrow staircase and had her stop just a moment for a few shots. I think it has a very photojournalistic look, yet I took it with the idea of making it a very artistic and painterly image too.

If this type of artistry appeals to your wedding imagery aesthetic, then let's make an appointment to look at more of my images.

However, before I close this offering, I can't resist adding another favorite image from that same wedding. This was a TOTALLY photojournalistic moment. Just as the bride and groom were announced as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time and took their walk down the aisle, they turned and gave each other a spontaneous kiss at the rear of the wine cellar leading outside to a bright sunlit day. I was still at the front of the cellar where the ceremony had just finished and swung around to grab this shot. One of my all time favorites! Completely photojournalistic, yet I almost couldn't have staged it better if I had tried.

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