Thursday, September 13, 2007

David & Cynthia's Family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing David & Cynthia's family. All 13 of them.

A week or so ago, I got a call out of the blue from David asking me if I could take a portrait of his entire family before one of his daughters moved to start a new job. He wasn't sure when all 13 of them would be together again, so he wanted one last family photo taken as children started flying out of the nest.

Now I had photographed his family before about 2 years earlier at an ISP school photo session, but had no idea David had kept my contact information. He told me he had been impressed with my work and extra service I had provided for his family by doing some extra Photoshop work at no charge on his last round of family photos. So that was nice to hear AND to know I got another job from paying attention to my clients' needs the first time around.

So we all gathered his entire clan at Fremont's Lake Elizabeth; one of my favorite outdoor portrait venues. Once the entire family managed to find the rendezvous point, we took about an hour to grab 3 different poses. And believe me, when you have 11 children to gather together and pose, it took the whole hour!

But amazingly, we managed to get all 13 heads looking towards the camera a few times for some nice casual family shots. I think once David and Cynthia see their proofs, they'll be very happy with the results. And hopefully I'll be hearing from David again ... when it comes time to marry off all 11 of his children.

It pays to work hard for your clients, they might just call you again!

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