Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are your photos safe?

This isn't something either the bride & groom, or the photographer should have to worry about on the day of the wedding, but unfortunately ... it is.

Sadly, there are low-lifes who will try to take advantage of large, and even medium sized, wedding receptions by walking in and walking out with whatever they can carry. In this case (see the video below) the warning is about the photographer's equipment. However, it's not just the equipment which is in danger, but also your irreplaceable photos which can be stolen along with the equipment. Not to mention the same is true for wedding gifts or any unattended purses or valuables.

A photographer can't carry all of his/her equipment all day. I try to keep my equipment to a minimum, but I need to keep near me a certain number of lens, flashes and camera bodies to adequately cover your wedding. This is why I bring an assistant with me to all of my weddings. He keeps my gear near me so it is ready when I need it, and keeps an eye on it all day. This is another issue you should cover with the photographer you hire to shoot your wedding. Be sure to ask him/her if he/she has a method to keep your priceless memories safe. Usually shooting with an assistant is the best method.

But the bottom line is to keep your eyes open during a wedding for anyone who shouldn't be there. Make sure your coordinator and family and friends who are helping you with the planning and execution of the reception are also on alert. And if possible, if your budget allows for it, it's a good idea to consider hiring some security.

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