Friday, September 28, 2007

Flower Girl on the Loose!

Last Sunday it was a beautiful day for Tippi and Travis's wedding out at the Sunol Valley Golf Course. I was a little worried we might get some rain, but it cleared up nicely for the wedding at 5:30.

After getting some pre-ceremony shots of Travis and his posse on the golf course, we got the wedding underway.

However, sometimes the flower girl gets away. I dunno ... guess she got bored or something. Good thing I was there to get it on film. Kind of makes the album a little more special if you can add fun shots like this.

I love shooting weddings when the bride and groom are so easy to photograph. You couldn't stop Travis from smiling all day. And his bride, Tippi, was just gorgeous from about any angle I could photograph her. I especially liked the "coy" shots we got from behind her bouquet.

Just after sundown, magic time for we photographers, I took Tippi and Travis down to the pond's fountain for a few romantic images. You gotta love water fountains for great backgrounds in shots like this.

We got some great images, even though I only took about 1100 shots. But that's plenty enough for them to choose 70 or 80 for a typically sized album.

It's always great to work with couples like this who make your job easy.

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