Sunday, September 16, 2007

ISP School Portraits

Every year about this time of year, I shoot the school portraits for several ISP home schooling groups. Above is a group shot of the moms from the LINKS group in Fremont. It's always an interesting challenge to photograph all the individual children in a family as well as sibling and family portraits, then let the whole family view the images on screen, pick their favorites, complete their order, and do it all in 10 to 15 minutes for each family. But somehow, we get through every year, and I'm always hearing raves about the results.

The moms and dads seem to appreciate the individual attention and the chance to choose (on the spot) their best poses rather than to have to "hope" the photographer picked out the best images for their family.

I started this practice 4 years ago when I shot my first school group. I simply didn't want to have to come back and set up for a few retakes if a couple of the parent's didn't like their photos. This way, everyone is happy. The parents are choosing "exactly" the images they want without any buyer's remorse, and I can do all the set up and photos in one day without the bother of doing a "make up" photo day.

It's what they call a "win win."

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Christine said...

Hi David,

I love your new blog! It looks great. This is Christine from Bridges-I very briefly worked with Angela on the online newsletter, taking pictures. Congrats on your blog!