Tuesday, November 20, 2007

David's Senior Portraits

I love doing senior portraits on location. Fremont has an abundance of great venues for casual and fun shots like this. The only problem is deciding when to stop. I get on a roll and want to keep on shooting.

David and his family hired me for the 2 hour package, but we ended up spending about 2 and a half hours altogether. I just had a lot of shots in mind I wanted to take, so we just kept going until we lost the light.

We took David to 3 locations for this series of images. First stop was downtown Fremont. I've found a really great old brick wall that provides a wonderful urban city look. We started about 1:30 as the light was best for this location starting about then.

We soon headed over to Lake Elisabeth and to a few of my favorite spots for some nice fall colors and greenery in the background. Unfortunately they didn't have the creek running that day, but we worked around it and got a lot of great shots with the park and the lake in the background. Soon after that, we headed up to the Mission San Jose area and got a bunch more great shots around town.

The Mission makes a great backdrop, but there are several other areas up there I like as well. A few of which I keep secret since I don't want all the other photographers to know all my secret locations. By the way, as you can see in some of these images, yes I do special effects like sepia toning, selective color, selective blurs and painter effects. I have senior portrait packages which offer these effects as part of the package.

Finally the light was fading, but out of the nearly 700 images we captured, we got a lot of winners. In fact, what you see here are only some of my favorites. If you've got any seniors in your house, give me a call right away and let's set an appointment. The fall colors will be fading soon. Now is the best time to get those great autumn color shots. But keep in mind; most of these locations are great for family portraits as well. Just give me a call.

Also, my apologies for cramming too many photos into this blog offering. I know I should have deleted a few of them, but what can you do when you take 700 shots and you can't decide which are the best? I think David and his family will have the same problem. But I try to offer my clients a little more than they bargained for. I'd rather give you too many photo choices than not enough.

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